Bitcoin Debit Card

The rapid growth in popularity of various cryptocurrencies has led to the emergence of new types of payment instruments. One of them is the Bitcoin Debit card, which uses the first and most popular type of virtual coins – bitcoins, as currency. Therefore, an increasing number of various financial institutions are engaged in the production and service of such cards.
What is Bitcoin Debit Card?
A Bitcoin card is similar to any other prepaid debit card and works the same way, only the holder’s account is not fiat, but a crypto asset and the card itself is tied to a Bitcoin wallet.
Instead of funding a card from a regular bank account, funds are transferred from a bitcoin wallet. The card will automatically convert bitcoins to the selected fiat currency when paying for goods. This card can be used wherever regular credit cards are accepted, including retail and online stores.
Moreover, bitcoin cards are supported by the largest payment systems, such as Visa, Mastercard, and Union Pay.
Differences and key features
Owning a card tied to the most famous and widespread type of cryptocurrency provides a wide range of possibilities. However, such financial instruments have several features and differences from conventional debit cards. These include such important nuances of use as:
Operation of the card in connection with the traditional payment systems MasterCard and VISA, which significantly expands the scope of application.
Storing not only virtual, but also fiat money on a bitcoin card, that is, ordinary euros, dollars, or other currencies. This is necessary for a simpler exchange of currencies at the internal rate.
Bitcoin cards are issued not only by banks, but also by various financial services, a significant part of which work online and anonymously, and therefore do not require verification.
The bitcoin card is linked to a cryptocurrency wallet that provides 24/7 access to virtual money.
Types of Bitcoin Cards
Virtual card

For those who want to spend their bitcoins online, a virtual card is the best choice. Just add your virtual card to your computer or smartphone wallet and use the card to pay for online purchases. The virtual cards can be considered the cheapest option. However, they cannot be used for cash withdrawals.
Plastic/physical card
For people who prefer to use cryptocurrency mainly for physical transactions, the option with a plastic/physical card may be suitable. It is also suitable for those looking to withdraw cash from an ATM. It is supplied with a chip and pin. However, it’s worth noting that the physical card is usually more expensive.
The best Bitcoin debit card option depends a lot on the individual requirements of each individual, and cost, location, and supported currencies are important factors to consider. Thus, with AlphaCard you will have an opportunity to get Anonymous Debit Card with IBAN. Contact us today and enjoy the benefits.

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